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Please read our frequently asked questions pertaining to the Syn-Tec range of products. You can also click each headline to view our range by category from this page.


1. Why take protein powder drinks - Isn't food better for you?

2. How much protein does a sports person training with weights need in a day?

3. I see you include B-Vitamins into your Protein Formulas. Why is this done when most other brands don’t seem to?

4. Can consuming protein supplements help deter the effects of overtraining?

5. What is primary differene between Glyco Whey and SP3 protein powders?

6. Glyco Whey has been boosted with L-Tyrosine. What is it and what does it do?

7. Where is the complex carbohydrate sourced from in the Maximus formula?

8. What is a carbohydrate?

9. Why is Bromelain in the Pro Petite formula?

10. I am a 35 year old woman and have been using protein powder drinks purchased from my local chemist shop. After reading the nutritional panels, I feel that these are supplying too many carbohydrates (mostly sugar) and not enough protein. I want to lose fat and tone my body and to date I see limited results. I was told by a personal trainer to use your Pro Petite women’s protein powder. Is this the right powder for me?

11. Do I really need amino acids in my diet?

12. What are Amino Acids?


1. I see that Thermalene has green tea in its formulation...Why is green tea used in so many weight management nutritional diets?

2. What is Citrus Aurantium and is it good to use in weight mangement diets?

3. CLA is a fatty acid that helps you lose fat... is this true?

4. What types of foods contain CLA and how much do we need to eat?

5. Does L-Carnitine help while dieting to lose weight?

6. Can supplementation of L-Carnitine help me control my weight?

7. I am an athlete and have been told that L-Carntine will help give me energy... Is this true and what foods contain it?

8. How much Acetyl L-Carnitine do people supplement in their diet. Can I get it from food?

9. The D-Toxilean contains the amino acids L-Methionine and Taurine backed up Choline and Inositol. I also see that you have included Milk Thistle in your D-Toxilean formula. Why is this so?


1. I have been advised by my nutritionist to start taking a quality vitamin supplement while I diet for my next body building contest. I was told that capsules are better than tablets so I was looking at your Vita-Guard formula. It looks good, however, can't I get all I need from food?

2. Is Zinc an essential mineral and where is found?

3. What is Glucosamine and what is its natural source?

4. Is Chondroitn the same as Glucosamine?

5. What does MSM stand for and why is it so popular with athletes who add it to their diets to support healthy joints?

6. Is L-Glutamine really one of the most important amino acids?

7. Is Glutamine needed more by Body Builders than say women on a fat loss diet?

8. Why is MCT oil classed as a good oil and not fattening?

9. Where does MCT oil come from and what does it look like compared to other oils?


1. Why put caffeine in a muscle building recovery formula like Napalm?

2. Why is HMB included in the Napalm formula?

3. What is Beta Alanine in the Synabol formula?

4. Why put Branch Chain Amino Acids in Synabol?

5. Do I get all the neccessary amino acids when using Synabol?

6. Does HMB really help in protein retention like anabolic steroids do?

7. What is HMB and how much do I need to take?

8. Why is Tribulus so widely used in sports supplements?

9. Is Tribulus a herbal or synthetic compound?

10. How would you compare the Rave formula to Red Bull?

11. Andro Jack contains Eurycoma Longifolia Jack. Is this a natural ingredient like a herb?

12. Napalm contains Beta Alanine. What is this added to the formula for?

13. Do I really need BCAA's in my diet?

14. What are BCAA amino acids and where do they come from?

15. What are Amino Acids?

16. Is Beta Alanine is a good source of Carnosine?

17. What is Taurine?

18. What is L-Methionine?


1. What is Creatine or Creatine Monohydrate?

2. How is Creatine Malate different to normal Creatine Monohydrate?

3. What is the best way to supplement creatine?


1. What are Food Type Dietary Supplements?

2. Should you rely on supplements instead of food for ultimate nutrition. I can't seem to eat enough food to achieve my body building goal of getting huge?


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